Visit Museo del Prado for free




So you are coming to Madrid and you want to go home and be able to tell your friends that you did “something cultural”. Then, your best option is Museo del Prado. Probably the most famous museum in Spain is a place to see paintings, paintings and paintings… and a couple of statues too, but mainly paintings. The important thing is that those are some very famous and interesting paintings like the ones of Diego de Velazquez, Francisco de Goya and El Greco. If you want to check the work of this master painters, I’ll tell you how to get in there FOR FREE!!!

You entered to the website of Museo del Prado, you clicked on the “buy tickets” button and you realized that the ticket is 14 euros. I think that this museum is definitely worth paying the 14 euros, but that’s just the opinion of a guy who really likes Spanish paintings. Hence, if you are not very into this kind of art, probably you will not be willing to pay the 14 euros, because, to be honest with you, you can do a lot of things with 14 euros in Madrid, i.e.:

·         You can have a very good meal in a nice restaurant.

·         You can go out for tapas. That means going to 3 or 4 bars, drink and eat very typical Spanish dishes. If you want to do this with a tour guide, I really recommend you to take the Tapas experience tours of Sandemans New Europe. If you want to buy the tickets online for this (or any other tour in the company) you can enter my promotional code and you’ll get a discount. The code is FABRIZIOMAD

·         You can see the best panoramic views of the city from the rooftop of Círculo de Bellas Artes and drink something on the bar in the terrace.

Do you see my point? If you make some research, you can visit Madrid with just a few bills in your pockets or, at least, you can spend your money in a very smart way to get the most out of your budget.

Then, if you don’t want to pay the 14 euros to go inside El Prado, just do this simple thing: go two hours before they close their doors. From Mondays to Saturdays the admission is free from 6:00pm to 8:00pm. On Sundays, they close one hour before and that means that you can visit the museum for free from 5:00 to 7:00pm.

There’s also a free admission during all the opening hours for the following people:

  • Under 18
  • Students 18-25
  • Citizens who are officially unemployed
  • Journalists

Now you have no excuse to go and check the treasures inside El Prado. If you want my personal advice, you don’t have to miss my Top5 of this museum, which is the following:

“Las meninas” (a.k.a. “The royal family of Philip IV) by Diego de Velazquez

“The spinners” (a.k.a.  “The fable of Aracne) by Diego de Velazquez

“The garden of the earthy delights” byHieronymus Bosch

“Christ washing the disciples' feet” by Tintoretto

“Copy of Monalisa” by mmm… ¿Leonardo Da Vinci? Maybe one of his students




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